Abt. Rachsucht & Heuchelei: Die Beschwerdemail

07.08.2013 22:07

Meine Noch-Ehefrau, ehemals Adminstratorin meiner Seiten www.feminismuskritik.eu (Blaue Burg) und wgvdl.net, hat sich beim Provider dieser Webseite über den Content beschwert, obwohl der sich in nichts von dem unterscheidet, was sie selbst vor Jahresfrist noch mitunterschrieben hätte. Na ja, die Scheidung läuft und Intriganz ist ein beliebtes weibliches Kampfmittel. Hier die Mail, die ich gestern erhalten habe ...


Dear Webnode user,

We received a complaint about possible inappropriate content on your website https://maxerdinger-com3.webnode.com/. Content of the complaint and user contact is shown below.

We request that you solve this matter and to contact the person that has made this complain for the purpose of an amicable settlement of this matter.

Contents of the complaint:
Hi, I just saw the website www.maxerdinger-com.com which is hosted
at westcom.cz. This website is full of hatred against
other-thinking-people. The admin writes in hate-speech against
left-wing-people, women in a general way, homosexuals and lesbians and
everyone who had the misfortune meeting him in real life and having
spoke against his opinions. I want you to check this website and
take action that the admin won´t be able to act like this. Thank you
very much for your efforts. Greets to CZ

Email: espina-blaueburg@gmx.de

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Kateřina Dragonová, Webnode

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