Abt. Schmerzen: A Pain In The Arse

15.06.2013 12:29


Abt. Schmerzen: A Pain In The Arse

Among all the differrent pains in my arse the worst one is "people with an opinion". That´s people who believe their personal opinion suits them well and makes them look stylish. Truth doesn´t count, stylishness is all. All their talk about tolerance, democracy and freedom of speech is meant to impress others who are then excepted to believe, they just had the once-in-a-lifetime-experience of having listened to the wisest person on earth. Don´t you dare, to argue with those individuals! They don´t appreciate arguments! They feel that they´re right and thats to be good enough. Arguments only mess up their self-chosen "intellectual stylishness", which they feel makes them look smart. What´s an argument against a feeling? Don´t even ask. Even worse: What´s a male argument against a female feeling nowadays? - See? To them, freedom is the right to insist on the correctness of their feelings and to ignore all arguments that could cause emotional irritation. They´re wearing tolerance, democracy and freedom of speech as brands, just like they wear Nike-shoes, Rolex-watches and Gucci-handbags.

Ask them, where the term "tolerance" comes from, what "tolerance" therefore really means and they have no clue. All they know is, how "tolerance" nowadays is commonly understood. And that´s how they themselves understand it. Doesn´t bother them though, as long as it feels right. The same with "democracy". The afficionados of the "democracy brand" can´t tell you often enough, how old "democracy" already is and who invented it. The ancient Greeks! Wow! And what´s that supposed to tell us?

Of minor importance is, that they believe ancient Greek democracy was about the same as today´s so called democracy. Way more important to them is, that we notice how smart they are because at some point in their life they heard someone talk about some really, really old & ancient Greek democracy. If they know a little more, they can even explain that "democracy" contains the Greek word "Demos", which translates into "people". But then and for them that´s proof enough for how bright they are. And even more: To them it´s also proof for a long and unbroken tradition of democracy from ancient Greece to i.e. the constitution of the United States. Don´t you dare to come up with the fact, that ancient Greek democracy was reserved to a rather small circle of maybe 10.000 people of an elite, who democratically voted and then imposed their decisions on a population which in its vast majority had nothing to say. They feel that this doesn´t comfort their dull understanding of "democracy". Facts hurt their feelings! And whoever dares to hurt their feelings commits an intrusion into their "freedom of voicing an opinion". The hard (and hardly democratic) facts according to Clint Eastwood: "Opinions are like assholes. Everbody has got one."

Unfortunately, reality doesn´t give a damn about opinions. Reality is all about facts. But what´s really sickening, is, that the less especially women usually are into facts, the more they´re into feelings about what´s right and what´s wrong. And this becomes being a social disaster and a killer to all of our common future once it´s linked - by ordre de mufti - with the unquestionable assumption that men and women are equal. Another, very uncomfortable fact: They´re not.

Of course I understand, that equality is a topic especially for those, who personally gain from the totalitarian, communistic assumption, that equality is nothing less than justice.
But letting aside the feelings while sticking to the facts: Since we´re not equally talented, not equally gifted and not all driven by the same diligence: Disparity is much closer to justice than equality. But don´t you dare to tell all of this to a woman! She´ll instantly feel that a rude asshole has been talking down on her and she´ll not hesitate a second to tell the world how she feels about this. And here we are again: How could anyone dare to hurt the "well meant" feelings of a woman? I swear: Women will have to get used to this. If not, we´re all doomed. Reality doesn´t give a damn about feelings. Oh, did I say that already?